Tiger balm white ointment

tiger balmtiger balm 2If like me, you’d like to avoid taking pain killers wherever possible then I’ve got a great product recommendation for you. One of my fitness instructors whipped out a little tub of this out at the weekend whilst we were at the Les Mills GFX event in Glasgow and I just had to rush out and buy some.

She was offering it to a friend who had a sore throat, to massage onto her neck for a quick soothing effect as well giving off a wonderful aroma. When I commented that I had a sore head, she suggested I rub this same balm on my temples and I was hooked! It gives off a menthol scent similar to peppermint oil which is said to help focus your mind as well as help give temporary relief to minor muscular aches and pains. It can be used for the treatment of tension headaches which often occur from tension in the neck, head and shoulder muscles.

I’m also planning on applying it before bed time to my sore points which are usually my knees and shoulders. After doing Metafit today I  massaged some into my back to relax my overworked body! If you are constantly battling against aching muscles due to exercise or just long days at work, I think this will work for you. The balm itself is solid and turns to an oil once warms between the fingertips. At 19g pot was about £4 from Boots and I think it will last ages because a little goes a long way. Let me know if you have tried Tiger Balm and what uses you have found for it!



2 thoughts on “Tiger balm white ointment

  1. I first came across tiger balm when travelling Australia. I react really badly to insect bites and a friend recommended I try this as a relief for the terrible itchiness. It’s super useful!

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