My week in fitness


Monday: I had a real lazy day but managed to drag myself to the gym at night. Leg day! I’m working on increasing my strength so focused on heavy weights and low reps. Did some squats on the power plate too which was a bit crazy but fun!

Tuesday: I hit the gym straight after work tonight and got to work on my arms. I did pyramid sets (a low weight high reps approach, gradually increasing weight and decreasing reps) focusing on biceps and triceps. I did some tricep dips on the power plate about 3 sets at 30 seconds each, I found this really effective. I finished with some shoulder presses with dumbells as well as side raises and a few resistance machines.

Wednesday: I was booked in for Metafit but decided to take a rest day as I have a lot of niggles that seem to be hanging around. Went to the cinema instead!

Thursday: I’m attending a Body Balance class now every Thursday to increase flexibility and avoid injury, so beforehand I worked on legs again mostly on resistance machines with nice heavy weights. I also fitted in a little back and chest work to complete my whole body workout for the week.

Friday: Most people would have stayed home because of the snow but I dragged myself out to Metafit! We did the new release which is called the K.O. workout. It is split into to large rounds which comprise of four exercises done multiple times. Its particularly hard on legs but I also found it pushed me aerobically and I was struggling to breathe which is unusual for me. Although this is of course a plus point as it means I was working mega hard. Then I did Body Pump which I am only doing once a week now, in order to try and see some more progress with my strength programme.

Saturday: Today I was on a training course and we had to put each other through an interval session lasting 20 minutes. I did it on the rowing machine so I really got a full body workout! We also practised some weights but nothing too taxing.

Sunday: I’m all set for another workout on my training course today, we will be doing more cardio and various resistance machines and free weights. I can’t wait to get to bed tonight, its been such a long week!

What have you been doing this week?

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