Healthy Breakfasts

1900863_10153806542125338_1953780232_o  1902309_10153796952280338_743148866_o 1780433_10153780271225338_1072305389_o 1798035_10153806620180338_396109496_oI used to think the fat loss equation was simply ‘eat less + exercise more’ and decided that eating as little as possible was sure to speed up my journey to the perfect body. Well, here I am with a less that perfect body to tell you that it doesn’t work! After years of struggling with my weight, reading any diet book going and gaining some helpful nutritional advice I now realise that food is not the enemy (shock horror!) We need food to give us the energy to burn fat, gain muscle, use our brains and generally function normally.

Skipping breakfast was my way of sayin ‘F*** You!’ calorie intake, I can beat you.But now, I wake up every morning looking forward to eating a reasonably large breakfast. I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you.

1. Porridge – I use any old oats from the supermarket with almond milk as I’m not great with dairy at the moment. I always add a mashed up banana as there’s no need to add sugar this way. I like to add blueberries but any fruit will do, as well as nuts, seeds and anything else you can cram in!

2.Eggs on toast – This is my all time favourite breakfast. If you only eat toast for breakfast try adding protein in the form of eggs to keep you full until lunch. If you’re pushed for time in the mornings simply have a few boiled eggs already prepared and mash onto toast for a quick meal.

3. Sausage sandwich – OK some people might not think this is particularly healthy, but as a pre-workout breakfast this will give you both protein and carbohydrate in a form that is absolutely delicious. I think a little bit of what you fancy is still good for you.

4. Eggs & spinach – People are put off by eating vegetables at breakfast, but the simple fact is that they are a nutrient dense, low calorie way to stay full until lunch. I like to add spinach to my scrambled eggs along with any other veggies I have to hand.

Have I inspired you to eat breakfast?

2 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfasts

  1. Mmm, all the photos look so delicious. I especially love spinach. It’s so good just sauteed in garlic. Unfortunately, I’m always on the run in the morning and either scarf down a Special K sandwich or yogurt and a banana or something.

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