Lifting heavy weights: an overview

lifting heavy weightsAre you considering incorporating a weights routine into your fitness schedule, or just looking to crank up your already existing strength routine? I’m here to tell you that today is the day to lift heavy weights! (Please note, I am currently studying for a fitness instructor qualification and all information is based on that training. Personal trainers may adapt methods to suit your specific goals as there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach that works).
There are SO many reasons that you should be improving your muscular strength:
  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased bone density
  • Change in muscle tone, shape and size
  • Improved posture
How much to lift
When strength training you should be aiming to lift 80% of your maximum output. So if person A can bicep curl one repetition (only) of 10 kilo then they would lift 8 kilos for 8-12 reps to failure. Endurance training on the other hand would consist of  lifting 40-60% of their maximum ability. For the same person this would be 4-6 kilo for 20-25 reps. Endurance training will give some overall health benefits and maintain muscle mass but you will not see a drastic visual improvement unless you use the strength training method.
Sciencey bit
Strength training requires your body to recruit more muscle fibres for each lift, meaning rarely used muscles are put to work along with the commonly use ones. Over time this forces the body to lay down proteins to increase muscle size and strength. However, this increase is not permanent and must be maintained with further training.
The importance of failure
Try to focus on the resistance – i.e. the amount of weight – rather than the exact number of repetitions. If you do one set of 12 reps with ease then bump up the weight until you see yourself fail before the 8th rep. See failure as a success!
Will you be lifting heavy weights at your next gym visit?

6 thoughts on “Lifting heavy weights: an overview

  1. I’ve never tried any sort of lifting routine before just because it’s a bit intimidating but I think I might buy a set for at home and then I can’t be intimidated at all! Thanks for the inspiration! And congratulations on studying for your fitness trainer qualification, that’s so exciting!

    1. It’s true that in most gyms the weights section is filled with intimidating guys! It’s almost like walking into members club uninvited! I would try resistances machines first as they are easier to use x

  2. I cant go too heavy.. just yet!.. after the marathon though I’m looking forward to really pushing myself and building some decent muscles!!

    Glad all is going well on the course! very jealous!!

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