My week in food pics

1617428_10153759846320338_144412801_o 1797953_10153764176160338_251230248_o 1736929_10153765969995338_30896357_o 1889700_10153773659115338_718479795_oI’ve been on top of my cooking this week so have had plenty of home made dinners keeping my fuelled for exercise and studying. At work I had a pretty typical turkey salad (1) but pimped it up with lots of veggies, avocado and a boiled egg to fill me up. I tried these kale crisps (2) from Pret A Manger and they were amazing! They only dodgy ingredient I could see was onion powder but to be honest I wasn’t bothered cause they were so bloody tasty. I fancied an omelette the other morning so whipped up this chicken and chorizo one (3) with leftovers and it turned out to be absolutely massive, but so delicious. I didn’t have any lunch because it was so filling! Finally, the weekend belly buster was this beef bolognese (4) served with mixed greens and cauliflower in pesto. It was just what I needed after a long day studying.

Does anything take your fancy?

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