My week in fitness


I’ve got lots going on this week. Between writing for Nouvelle Daily, doing my day job and starting a new course I have been run off my feet! I start training to be a fitness instructor this weekend and it lasts a few weeks so exercising at the weekend will be out of the question due to the location of the classes. Also, I think there will be a degree of exercise involved in the training too! Anyway, my point is that I am going to have to squeeze all my workouts in Mon-Fri for the next month and so I’ll try and post my ‘week in fitness’ posts every Friday for a while!

Monday: 30 minute run followed by Legs, bums & tums class. I have been having real knee trouble since I ran the half marathon in October. I basically can’t run further than one mile before I start limping, so I’m going back to basics with the ‘run/walk’ format. I love a bit of toning too and my local LBT class has a great teacher.

Tuesday: Circuits followed by Body Pump. I really look forward to this set of classes now, I only took up circuits just before Christmas and I like the HIIT aspect. There is a lot of jumping about, I certainly doing have the agility I thought I did!

Wednesday: I got my midweek Metafit fix as usual, and I still love it. I can’t believe how quickly my quads burn up during this class. No matter how fit you are everyone is equally exhausted which can be comforting for beginners. We did the Reef Break workout which had a lot of mountain climbers (hate them) so it was a good workout.

Thursday: Another LBT class followed by Body Balance. A fellow runner reminded me that yoga and stretching are really important, so I thought I would get into this class again. Its not my favourite but I know it will help prevent injury which is essential when you want to exercise everyday.

Friday: I’m going to smash my usual Friday night favourite, Metafit then Body Pump. The new release of BP is pretty good, the shoulder track is a real killer, but I absolutely love it. There’s no point if you’re not being challenged, right?

What have you guys been up to?

4 thoughts on “My week in fitness

    1. That’s good, we all need motivation! I personally love classes so that’s a good place to start. Hope ur ankle is ok, you should start by working on ur upper body if it still hurts. I got the journal on amazon by the way xxx

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