January health & fitness challenge: Week 3 update

1611867_10153731436925338_257958981_oWow how are we in Week 3 already? Every week is different so its not too late to join me! Read more in my previous post. Here’s a brief midweek update on my progress..

On Monday set a timer for 60 seconds and count how many press ups you can do. Every day repeat that number of press ups again, adding on at least 2 more each time. Don’t time yourself after the first day, just aim to complete more press ups than the previous day. On Monday I hit the deck and got my boyfriend to count how many press ups I could do. I was quite surprised that my total was 22. If there hadn’t been a timer on I would definitely have stopped earlier so I’m certainly pushing myself. I did my set of 24 on Tuesday night without too much bother but wait and see how I feel on Sunday night trying to do 34 in a row!

Don’t eat any ‘naughty’ desserts until the weekend. Try not to overdo it at the weekend either! My Achilles heel is desserts so this is was always going to be a tricky one. I usually eat an Eat Natural cereal bar at work when I’m on lunch but I substituted that with an apple. I did have a few biscuits at work though so I’m no angel! Think I will manage to go without desserts on the whole though.

Can’t wait to fill you all in on how I do at the end of the week!

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