My week in food pics

1603474_10153717598010338_1205249824_oI have been stockpiling vegetables this week! After asking my Facebook page followers what veggies they were eating, I was filled with inspiration and went out and bought way more than I could ever need. As a result I’ve been whipping up soups and stirfries like nobody’s business! Above I used leftover chicken and veg and added more flavour with red pesto.

1611037_10153724018530338_1654240569_oSaturday night was burger night in our house, and this was the side salad I had along with my homemade turkey burger. I had homemade coleslaw, shop bought hummus and lots of salad.

1062972_10153714207095338_1790762420_oI was stuck for dinner so I picked up some ready made meatballs and made my own sauce with passata, garlic and Worcestershire sauce. All served with some steamed greens in the form of cabbage, courgette and kale. My favourite meal of the week!

1546623_10153698920695338_406067446_o You would think I’d be sick of turkey after eating it all Christmas, but I just can’t get enough of this deli style turkey I get from work. We slice it fresh to order and its the best I’ve ever tasted. This was a quick lunch I made up at work and took home for dinner. So fresh and delicious.

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2 thoughts on “My week in food pics

  1. I absolutely adore your blog Fiona. I try to eat healthy 80% of the time but sometimes I find myself stuck in a foodie rut so I love coming over to your corner of the net for inspiration.


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