January challenge: Week 2 round up

1092192_10153714827930338_1537783955_oHave you read about my January Challenge? Find out more here and read on for my progress so far!

Do the January core workout at least 3 times this week:

I did this workout early in the week and it absolutely killed me. I put it to the back of my mind thinking,”I’ll fit in another 2 sessions somewhere” but the honest truth is I didn’t. Its not that I didn’t work out, in fact I did 5 workouts in total, but for some reason I couldn’t slot this into my routine. Maybe its because I really don’t like doing burpees at the gym. I don’t really work out at home so after a 2 hour gym class I wasn’t ready to go flat out on my living room floor with this routine, instead hopping into a nice hot shower before eating dinner. I’m not even that bothered. I’m more excited about my progress in the other challenge……

Aim to substitute all coffees and energy drinks for decaffeinated coffee or herbal teas:

On Sunday and Monday this was a breeze. I sat at home sipping peppermint teas and glugged on water when at the gym and straight after. Come Tuesday it was ‘back to work’ and that meant a 7am start in the dark and dreary Scottish weather. Imagine clocking into work half asleep, craving more energy and then remembering you work in a coffee shop. I was overwhelmed with joy – fresh filter coffee, americanos and all the lattes I can handle – before I remembered I was giving up coffee for the week. Needless to say, it was VERY tough, considering my team’s routine is centred around 2 coffee breaks which we all really look forward to. Anyhow, I settled for hot water and lemon in the mornings and green tea with honey in the afternoons. I really am so pleased I managed to curb the habit, I haven’t had a headache all week which I’m certain is down to ditching the caffeine. Success!

Things I’ve learned:

  • I’m not motivated to work out at home, so I’m better visiting the gym or going to classes
  • Hot water with lemon provides a nice morning caffeine-free ‘boost’
  • I really CAN live without coffee

How is everyone else getting on? If you are taking part and want your link included below please comment on this post with your details!

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