January challenge: Week 1 round up with food pics

challenge picHave you read about my January Challenge? Find out more here and read on for my progress so far!

Work out at least 3 times this week: I’m back with a vengeance this week! I worked out 5 times this week (a variety of gym, weights and HIIT workouts) and loved every minute of it. There really is a lot to be said for having a break from fitness over Christmas and New Year, because this week I’ve had that great ‘aching all over’ feeling that you get when you have never exercised before. I feel reinvigorated and ready to blast off a few pounds of fat and gain some muscle!

Eat at least 3 healthy vegetarian dinners this week: I thought this would be a fun way of getting more vegetables into my diet, although I have been using a few Quorn products which although low in fat, I’m sure are full of additives that aren’t ideal. It might just be the January ‘healthy eating bug’ but I have definitely consumed more veggies than usual this week. Here are a few of my vegetarian meals:


Vegetable soup with quinoa and coriander

1548351_10153678010145338_1466511026_oQuorn sausages with sweet potato, spinach and fried egg

1551966_10153683760905338_1230198298_oQuorn burgers with mixed vegetables and quinoa

Things I’ve learned:

  • Meat substitutes are convenient and tasty but have played havoc with my gut
  • Quinoa is a handy ingredient to increase my protein intake
  • Rest periods are tough but probably worth it in the long run

How is everyone else getting on? If you are taking part and want your link included below please comment on this post with your details!

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6 thoughts on “January challenge: Week 1 round up with food pics

  1. Everything looks so tasty!
    I only exercised three times and ate three vegetarian meals. Two of my exercises were about 38 minutes long Pure Cardio Insanity Workouts and one kickboxing workout from FitnessBlender. I wish I had done longer workouts but I’ve been so tired after work. Hoping to be slightly more motivated next week!

    Also I ate quorn with every single meal I made haha… Quorn fillets with vegetables and roasted sweet potato chips and then a quorn and vegetable curry that I ate two days in a row because I had so much of it… Bring on January Challenge week 2!

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