My favourite January breakfast


Anyone who knows me will know my breakfast is the same every morning; eggs. I LOVE eggs. I normally have 2-2 eggs scrambled with a few oatcakes or brown toast and I rarely deviate from this formula.

However, recently I have been craving the comfort of porridge. When I’m trying to eat healthier than usual (aren’t we all in January?) I do well to have more varied breakfast options to keep me motivated. So I thought I would share my favourite porridge recipe which  is dairy-free, although you could of course use regular milk if you prefer.


50g of porridge oats

unsweetened almond milk

dash of orange juice

ground cinnamon

mixed nuts and seeds

teaspoon of manuka honey


I like to soak my oats either overnight or just while I’m getting ready. Cover the oats with a little almond milk and orange juice and leave to sit for 10 minutes. Cook on the hob for 5-6 minutes adding more almond milk to get the consistency you like. Once cooked, pour into a bowl and add your preferred toppings. I went for mixed nuts, seeds, cinnamon and honey. My other favourites are bananas, pomegranate seeds and raspberry jam.

What’s your favourite January breakfast?

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5 thoughts on “My favourite January breakfast

  1. Sounds delightful and thanks for leaving the recipe. I enjoy eggs every morning but usually use an egg substitute. The Doctors are so back and forth on the effect of eggs on cholesterol (a problem for me) that one day it seems ok, the next not. Any thoughts? Eggs seem to keep me full longer than other breakfast options, so I tend not to snack on junk when consumed.

    1. Eggs definitely fill me up for longer so porridge is kind of a treat breakfast! I was under the impression that high cholesterol wasn’t directly linked to cholesterol consumption. I eat about 10 eggs a week but I don’t know if I have a problem!!

      1. Thanks for the follow up. The more I read the more I believe that eggs aren’t the problem with regard to cholesterol. Best wishes for a Happy 2014.

  2. I now eat porridge everyday, don’t know how I got by without it! I just make it with water and drizzle over some honey and cinnamon. Also try and add some chopped banana to get some fruit in. Need to try soaking the oats overnight.

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