January health & fitness challenge: Week 1

challenge pic

You may have read earlier in the week that I have started a January Challenge. For more information read my previous post. Now to announce this week’s challenges…..

Fitness challenge:

Work out at least 3 times this week. Anything more that a brisk 30 minute walk is good, but if you are more advanced try and challenge yourself to an intense workout.

Nutrition challenge:

Eat at least 3 healthy vegetarian dinners this week. I personally don’t think macaroni cheese is a healthy option by the way! Remember to include protein and try out new things like tofu, lentils or quorn. Remember to take photographs and share your recipes!

Other suggestions:

Keep a food and fitness diary so you can blog about your experience easily. Comment below if you have any ideas/queries about the challenges set. I look forward to reading all your stories!

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People involved in the January Challenge :








12 thoughts on “January health & fitness challenge: Week 1

  1. Oh I think I just might give January health & fitness challenge a go! The nutrition challenge will definitely be the biggest challenge for me.

    (Such a good idea, I’m very excited about this now!)

  2. Fitness challenge should be no problem- I’m up for that!
    Already done my meal plans for the week and I’ve only got 1 veggie meal planned this week- so I’m not going to meet that challenge this week!

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