Update: My December fitness goals

1231290_10153182422970338_2081442730_oThe results are in! Here are my goals and what I did and didn’t achieve… Roll on 2014!

1. Get back into running, just for fun. Try and do 2 outdoor runs of any distance – I did this. The first run was about 15 minutes to the gym, the second one was 35 minutes. Unfortunately I still have a recurring injury from when I ran my first half marathon, so I don’t think I’ll be doing much more of that ūüė¶ which is a shame because I really enjoyed it.

2. Do at least one gym session per week, not just fitness classes – Hmm not sure I achieved this every week, but I did fit in a couple of sessions focusing on legs which I detailed in my post Killer Leg Workout.

3. Try 2 new workouts on the new Xbox fitness section (loads of free content available!) – I tried a quiet a few workouts actually, some were better than others and some were a little easy (some 10 minute sessions were just pointless). A lot of the time I was feeling too ill to go out so they were good for keeping active without working myself too hard.

4. Increase tricep weights in Body Pump class – I tried this once or twice but have to admit I didn’t increase it consistently throughout the month. Will try again in January!

5. Maintain my current weight until January – Sadly I have gained 3lbs but I don’t feel too bad about it. It will fall right back off when I start up my fitness routine again tomorrow! Looking forward to the gym being open again and all the fitness classes being on regularly.

What goals should I set for January? What are your fitness resolutions?

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