My week in food pics

1370925_10153643929910338_631143182_oI have been all over the place this week visiting my own and my boyfriend’s family so haven’t seen the point in buying food for the house. I made this dinner out of freezer food and random veggies which were lurking in the fridge. It turned out to be a spicy prawn curry with quinoa. A real winter warmer!

1525891_10153642761880338_2077702105_oThese were my Boxing Day leftovers. I had some homemade coleslaw (not very healthy at all) with salad, turkey, oatcakes and some fig chutney. Amazing.

1499060_10153626242310338_557703990_oI couldn’t resist doing a bit of baking for Christmas, and gave most of it away as presents. This was a chocolate orange traybake make with cornflakes, orange icing and dark chocolate. Very rich and definitely not good for the waistline.

1503017_10153626247885338_1234052040_oHaha not a very blog-worthy photograph! Thought I would give you a peek at how I eat at the weekends. Every Saturday morning I have bacon and eggs on my break at work as a kind of treat. I know people will be upset at the amount of ketchup I use but I really can’t live without it. The shame!

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