Staying sane when the gym is closed

43397062This is how I feel right now. Anyone else in the same boat? My gym is closed for a few days over Christmas and New Year, and I am in no way suggesting that this is wrong. I am 100% supportive of that fact that their staff deserve to celebrate Christmas and spend time with their loved ones as much as the rest of us. It just leaves me with a feeling of terror, fear and annoyance. Surely I will gain about 10lbs by next week? Will I be able to lift the same weights as I could ten days ago? Will I remember how to run? Squat? Will I lose all ability to do my top limit of 20 press ups in a row? These are just a few of the crazy questions running through my head whilst I devour double my normal calorie intake every day for a week. Here’s how I try to stay sane:

Accept the rest period:

Lots of proffessionals will tell you that any good training plan has a week of rest after a set amount of time, usually about 6 weeks. This is essential for muscle recovery and also gives your muscles time to grow. Do you wake up every day with aches and pains from working out? Then a rest period will definitely do you good.

Time to research:

I’m going to spend some time looking into what challenges I want to do in 2014. I’m definitely looking into Tough Mudder, and want to draw up a training plan between now and June. I want to plan a new weights routine because at the moment I’m mostly lifting at Body Pump which is not helping me increase the weights I lift. I also want to look into doing some training myself, maybe doing my Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification.

Drink lots of water:

Sometimes I forget to drink water when I’m not exercising, because I don’t feel as thirsty. I am trying to avoid excessive alcohol (wasted calories my friend) and load up on lots of water and the odd herbal tea. My digestive system is definitely not happy with me so more water is helping things!

Get fresh air:

Even if I can’t exercise, walking outside in the fresh air makes me feel better. It gives you time away from the family and the TV and allows your some alone time. Breathing in that fresh air also helps me sleep better and clears my head of any guilty feelings that have been brewing about what I’ve eaten or all the workouts I’ve missed. Remember, seeing friends and family is much more important than working out. Your fitness instructor will not look after you when you are ill!


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5 thoughts on “Staying sane when the gym is closed

  1. This is why I prefer home-based workout programs. Yes I might not have the variety of equipment I could use at the gym, but (1) I have enough to get by and (2) I don’t have to worry about my home being closed…unless for some reason my wife threw me out!

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