My week in food pics


My favourite meal this week has been sweet potato fries. There is nothing more comforting than chips on a cold, rainy evening and these make me feel way better than a bag from the fish and chip shop. I cover mine in salt and vinegar and serve with an unhealthy amount of mayonnaise.1499228_10153615723535338_1157020923_o

I love fish so much. I would gladly eat fish every day but it can be kind of expensive and difficult to cook when my other half refuses to eat it! When I’m at my mum’s she always sorts me out with a tasty bit of salmon and serves it up with everyday veg. Totally good for you and takes minutes. 1477211_10153614254370338_937747468_o

I was kind of stuck for meal ideas earlier in the week so I just picked up some beef burgers (with added rubbish like rusk and wheat flour, we all need convenience foods sometimes!) and added a bunch of leftovers. I made some courgette pasta with green beans, pesto and some mixed veggies with quinoa. That stuff on the right is pickled celeriac – random but kinda good!


1488773_10153606796225338_1212754191_oI was fed up of meat and was craving vegetables when I spotted sprouts in my local shop. I LOVE sprouts and thought I might as well take advantage of them whilst they are available at Christmas time. I made my favourite sweet potato wedges and cooked up some quinoa to get some protein.

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