My week in fitness


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  • Monday – I was still a little hung over today (from the Saturday night; I must be getting too old for this!) and didn’t feel like going out so I did a few short workouts on the Xbox One. I did two 10 minute sessions one focused on arms and the other on abs. To be honest I was in a bit of pain with my back so I took it kind of easy. I really love this ‘at home’ fitness stuff online though, its so convenient.
  • Tuesday – rest. It was my birthday today so I gave myself the day off!
  • Wednesday – I was feeling pretty guilty about Monday’s workout so I went to two classes tonight; Body Combat and Body Balance. I’ve tried to get into Body Combat a few times and I just don’t seem to enjoy it; what are your thoughts? Body Balance was really good though, its amazing how just stretching and holding poses can challenge your body.
  • Thursday – Again, I booked into for two classes; Body Pump followed by Legs Bums & Tums. I always think LBT is an easy workout until I’m halfway through and realise its actually a killer! My legs were seriously burning by the end of this two hour session.
  • Friday – Metafit followed by Body Pump. I was super excited to get to Metafit again after missing it last week. We did the new release called ‘Tap Out’ which was short but pretty intense on the area I was dreading most – LEGS AGAIN! I took my weights down for the Body Pump class as I was worried about injury (six classes over three nights was possibly overdoing it) so that was more enjoyable.
  • Saturday – rest. I felt a few dodgy twinges in my lower back today so I decided to miss the gym session I had planned in favour of an afternoon nap!
  • Sunday – rest. I’m signed up for a Spin class on Monday so I felt like I needed to give me legs a proper rest after the hammering they took during the week. People keep telling me to ‘listen’ to my body. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

I’m really chuffed about the amount I’ve fitted into the week along with work and all the festive engagements I’ve had. I’m genuinely dreading the next two weeks as pretty much all my usual fitness classes are cancelled, and I struggle to motivate myself to go to the gym. Have you got any plans to work out over the festive period? Should I just be done with it and take a rest period? Argh I don’t know what to do!

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