My week in fitness


  • Monday – I wanted a change this week so booked in for morning Body Pump instead of an evening class. It definitely felt more difficult, probably because I didn’t eat beforehand but I still enjoyed it. Still my favourite workout.
  • Tuesday – I went to my local circuits class again (as I mentioned last week) followed by Body Pump. I’m really loving HIIT workouts like circuits and Metafit; I feel like my fitness has really improved but that the workouts still push me to my limit every time. Its quite exhilarating!
  • Wednesday – Rest day. I was working today then had a gig at night so decided I couldn’t really fit anything in today.
  • Thursday – I managed to squeeze in a 45 minute leg workout at 9pm tonight which meant the gym was really quiet (result!) I did lots and lots and LOTS of squats. And lunges. Then lots more squats. Hoping to blog the workout later in the week for you guys.
  • Friday – Rest day. Due to work and Christmas nights out I had to miss my favourite Metafit and Body Pump classes. I really hate having to miss them but its only this one time. They normally set me up for the weekend and put me in such a good mood!
  • Saturday – I kicked off the weekend with a morning Metafit session today before getting ready for my birthday party. It makes me feel better to exercise on a day where I know I’m going to eat/drink too much. It also forced me to get up nice and early on the weekend.
  • Sunday – Rest day. After last night’s party I’m taking it easy after a few too many vodkas, recuperating in time for Monday.

AAAH what a week. I really had to juggle things around over the past 7 days to even fit in these four workouts. I had to forgo long lies and alcohol (for some of the time…) to get in my exercise but I did it. At the start of the week I thought I would only manage to squeeze in three workouts so I’m chuffed I did four and they were all quite intense. But now comes the hard part, its getting closer and closer to Christmas meaning all the gyms are shutting early and cancelling fitness classes… Time to get creative I think!

How will you fit in your workouts over the festive period?

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