My week in food pics

1468832_10153569453185338_1246961888_oI’ve been getting back into curries the past week. Anyone on a healthy diet will tell you they get bored of chicken, and I am definitely one of those people. A nice spicy curry keeps be interested! I did this one with coconut milk, tender stem broccoli and served up with plain quinoa.

1477053_10153569602625338_1661243578_o(1)I’ve been doing some gluten free baking since picking up my first ever bag of coconut flour last week! This banana loaf only contains 2 tablespoons of sugar, and you could use honey I just didn’t have any at home. Check out Nouvelle Daily where my recipe will appear soon.

1482351_10153553828805338_1577329050_oI have dinner at my mum’s a few nights a week, so she tries her best to stick to my odd dietary requests. This was actually a piece of frozen haddock from Iceland and it was bloody lovely!

1468440_10153577002530338_606133478_oSince getting feedback from my Dietary Analysis I have been introducing more carbohydrates into my meals. Luckily I work part time in an amazing family bakery where they make beautiful rustic bread like this sour dough with spelt and walnuts. They don’t use any preservatives or additives and you can really tell. And yes, I DO eat ketchup even though its jam packed with sugar! I’m sorry!

What have you been munching this week?



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