My week in fitness


  • Monday – Rest. Believe it or not I spend the day building flat packs and redecorating my bedroom. I guess it was a workout of sorts. After resting all weekend I was dying to get back to it!
  • Tuesday – Circuits followed by Body Pump. This was my first attempt at circuits, which is a mixture of different exercise stations which you make your way around a set number of times. One time around is one ‘circuit’ and you repeat it a set amount of times. It’s a great HIIT workout and tests muscles you didn’t know you had! Lots of tuck jumps tonight – ouch!
  • Wednesday – I nipped into the gym after work for a 50 minute session focusing on biceps, triceps and shoulders. I also did some ab work including crunches, hot hands and planks on the Power Plate. I finished off with 15 minutes cardio on the bike.
  • Thursday – I was super busy today so all I could fit in was a ten minute ab workout. I felt terrible but it was better than nothing. I have been using the Xbox One Kinect device and the free content available and its actually pretty good. I did the Jillian Michaels 10 Minute Killer Ab Workout (or something along those lines) and is actually really hard! Lots of walking planks and reverse crunches.
  • Friday – Metafit followed by Body Pump. We had a different instructor this week which is always good to get you motivated again. We did the Weird Fish Matrix. Oh my…..this was a killer. Just when you think you’re finished, they work you harder and harder. Its extremely challenging. There were a few new moves in there for me including walking press ups! Safe to say I had classic ‘shaky leg syndrome’ throughout Body Pump.
  • Saturday – rest. I felt awful today, my body was telling me to slow down.
  • Sunday – rest. I decided to take it easy again as I have a few twinges in my shoulder and back. Trying to recover in time for a Monday morning workout!

Same as last week I only managed four workouts which I always feel isn’t quite good enough. I aim for five but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I have been struck down with injuries from over training a few times this year so I am trying to listen to my body and take a break before I hurt myself again. Its SO hard though! I’m working towards my December fitness goals and feeling positive about the New Year.

What did you do this week?

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