My week in food pics

1486526_10153533135655338_1605131431_oMy recent dietary analysis helped my create an action plan for my eating habits, and one of those things was to increase my carbohydrate intake. After eliminating all grains from my diet I suffer quite badly when I do eat things like pasta and rice, so have tried eating quinoa instead. Above I mixed some in with my beef chilli and some veggies for good measure. Also, I had a wee chunk of sour dough bread which I need to stop buying, cause all I do is munch it all day long!

1471633_10153512952840338_1706532476_oAfter giving dairy earlier in the year, I just got out of the habit of buying cheese and I can happily live without it. My boyfriend bought some last week to make sandwiches and I just felt like trying some for a change. I had it on oatcakes with some mango chutney, and there was definitely more than one…

1482210_10153544857395338_2122501878_oMy aunt gave me some apples from her garden and I decided to take it as a chance to make an apple crumble. I really didn’t want to use regular flour because it makes me feel so bloated, so I used a mixture of almond flour, dessicated coconut, pecans and butter. I did however use real sugar in the form golden syrup! It was pretty tasty though and at least I can say it was gluten free!

1479076_10153544083625338_1527338070_oI was feeling a bit hungover on Sunday morning so only a bacon sarnie would do. I used some bavarian rye bread which I got from the bakers where I work, they make amazing bread with no preservatives and its so delicious. Can’t believe I managed to resist this long enough to take a photo!

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