My week in fitness


  • Monday – I could feel a cold coming on last weekend, so I stayed home and planned on having a rest – until I found out about the fitness offerings on the new Xbox One! It has a tonne of free content available including an Insanity workout. I’ve considered buying the DVD box set in the past so I was really excited to try it. Safe to say it was a crazy intense workout, featuring lots of sweat inducing cardio moves like jumping jacks, squats and press ups.
  • Tuesday – I did Body Pump at my local sports centre. Normally I don’t get fatigued until the lunge track but my legs were killing me from the start because of my Insanity experience yesterday!
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Spinning. I have started going to this class regularly now and am starting to really enjoy it. I need to push myself harder next week though as I think I was taking it a bit easy.
  • Friday – Metafit followed by Body Pump. This is my favourite part of the week! We did the Hurricane Katia routine which was killer as usual. Lots of press ups and army style crawling about looking like an idiot. Body Pump was great, I managed to maintain my new bicep weight which was good.
  • Saturday – rest.
  • Sunday – rest

I’m kind of disappointed that I had three rest days this week. I was planning on hitting the gym today but I’m still not feeling great. I also read an article recently that suggested the optimum amount of exercise is four workouts a week combining cardio and strength. I’ve got a busy week ahead so hoping to do at least four workouts again.

What workouts have you been doing this week?


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