Carb free wraps for lunch


1092633_10153138924360338_1958681513_o Cutting down on carbs at lunchtime is so hard, considering we have all been brought up eating sandwiches and crisps in our packed lunches! Whipping out a homemade salad at work can sometimes raise questions, and annoying comments like “will that fill you up?” or “you don’t need to diet” whilst the rest of your colleagues tuck into cakes and sausage rolls. I remembered this recipe that I spoke briefly about in the summer, and thought I would share it with you again in more detail.


2 eggs

Almond milk

Smoked paprika

Tinned tuna

Wholegrain mustard


Salt & Pepper


Crack the eggs into a bowl and lightly whisk. Add in a dash of almond milk, seasoning and smoked paprika and tip into a hot pan. Cooke for a minute or two until you get a very thin pancake.

Then simply choose your filling! I went for canned tuna in some olive oil, salt, pepper and a little mustard and topped it off with some cucumber. Wrap it up an store in foil ready for lunch.

What are your favourite low carb meals?

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