Dietary analysis Part 2: Action Plan


In my earlier post I explained why I decided to have a dietary analysis done. Today I want to share the outcomes of that process, and what my action plan going forward will be. First of all, let me say that I am not perfect. I have a plan, but that plan will inevitably go off track for various reasons (mood, health and activity levels to name a few) but I am hoping to stick to it most of the time and hope to see positive results.

So what did Walk The Talk have to tell me? Obviously, I think I know it all and was pretty well prepared to ‘already know’ the advice that was going to be thrown at me. Amazingly, I was proved wrong and I am not a genius (shocking revelation to us all). Rachael told me that was eating too few calories. This literally blew my mind. As a diet addict I was convinced that there was no such thing, and that anything around the 1200 mark was ideal calorie intake for weight loss (MyFitness Pal and many other diet plans suggests I eat that amount for weight loss). However, the data I gave to Rachael was taken when I was trying to eat around 1600 calories whilst working out five times a week. I was told that I’ve not been giving my body enough energy to do daily tasks, and based on my activity diary I need 1600 calories just to sustain bodily functions while at rest for 24 hours. That’s before you take into account the energy required for walking, talking, working and heaven forbid lifting weights!

After reviewing my daily activities, I was told that I actually burn an average of 2419 calories per day, when I work from home and include a gym workout or fitness class. Rachael commented that I am actually a reasonably active person, which I wouldn’t have assumed due to the fact I spend a lot of time sitting down at a laptop. Apparently it requires more effort than I thought!

We also discussed the fact that I eat sparsely throughout the day, and tend to eat a bigger meal at night. I was aware of this, I think I tend to get more distracted and busy during the day and then at night time I remember, “I’m starving!” and stuff my face. This can be bad because my body is tending to store fat because there are such large worrying gaps between eating. My body is wondering when it will next be fed and goes into a bit of a panic.

The same goes for water. I am not drinking nearly enough water, which I had never really thought about. Considering it’s the number one rule for a healthy body, I can’t believe I overlooked its importance. I need water for my body to carry out everyday functions, and I was only really drinking a bottle or two a day at the gym whilst sipping on tea and coffee the rest of the time. As a result I have been storing the little water I do have. So quite a lot of new information there for me, but a lot of great tips too. Here is my action plan moving forward:

  • Increase calorie intake to 1900 on a workout day and 1700 every other day
  • Breakdown as folllows: Protein: 114g Carbohydrate: 243g Fat: 53g
  • Increase intake of low GI carbohydrates such as quinoa and sweet potato
  • Continue to eat good fats from nuts, seeds and avocados
  • DRINK MORE WATER at least 2 litres per day

I have increased my calorie intake already, and have been trying hard to drink more water. I am enjoying the challenge. I’m hoping to see an improvement in my energy levels as well as in weight loss. I’ll keep you all posted.

Has this made you think about your eating habits?

3 thoughts on “Dietary analysis Part 2: Action Plan

  1. Incredible! I had mine done about a year ago, and the numbers blew me away. I was burning 2800 just to live. Never mind the aggressive weight lifting I was doing at the time, where I was burning 3600. I upped my calorie intake no less than 6000 a day.

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