Gifts for fit girls

PicMonkey Collage

Do you know a fitness-mad girl and can’t think what to buy her this year? I’ve put together some items which I personally would love to receive as gifts!

Nike Leggings

Most girls need a good pair of leggings no matter what kind of fitness regime they follow. These ones are unique but still subtle enough to wear at the local gym without attracting any attention. £45

Converse Duffle Bag

I find my gym bags get tired out quickly, being rammed into lockers everyday and lobbed about on the bus in all weathers. It’s hard to find a shoulder bag which is still a reasonable size without being a holdall so this is a good find. Reasonably priced and stylish too in my opinion! £25

Nike Sports Bra

Buying a bra as a gift can be tricky one if you don’t know their size, so always ask for a gift receipt just in case. These don’t come in specific cup sizes so you should be able to make an educated guess and the sizes go from 8-12. I like a bright coloured sports bra because it still looks nice when exposed through strappy vests or can be worn on its own as a crop top.


Adidas Hoodie

Every fit girls needs an array of hoodies to see her through the winter, so don’t be worried about adding to her already large collection. This classic Adidas top with pink stripes is timeless and is sure to match the rest of her wardrobe. It’s also nice enough to wear with jeans and a jacket in the colder months.


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