Dietary analysis: Where am I going wrong?

1059069_10152945859570338_1074211998_oHave you ever heard of dietary analysis? Neither had I really, until a few weeks ago. Since first trying the Atkins diet about 10 years ago, I have been fascinated with researching and testing out new plans for what to eat in order to lose body fat. Although I have been at a ‘comfortable’ body weight for a few years now, I am keen to shift those stubborn last few pounds.

As usual I was posting my eating habits on Instagram when I got into a discussion with a local personal trainer who offered me a dietary analysis for weight loss and weight management. After seeing great results from my first Whole 30 in April I was at a bit of a loss as to whether to continue along the Paleo path as my weight loss had reached a plateau in recent months. So, with nothing to lose I said yes and embarked on my little adventure.

First, Rachael sent me a quick email explaining what I would have to do before she could give me an action plan to follow for weight loss. I spent three days filling out a very detailed food and activity diary to give an overview of what I normally eat and what kind of exercise I do. This also required writing down all the boring things I do day to day like going for a shower and watching TV (OMG I am truly embarrassed about how many hours I spend doing that).

This was an interesting process, because although I record all the food I eat on My Fitness Pal, I never make a note of what time I eat. I also noticed that although I do some form of exercise 5 times a week, I noticed I am reasonably inactive for the rest of the time! As I was recording everything I found it hard not to try and eat more healthily out of guilt. However, I made sure at the weekend I chose a day where I went out to a restaurant for dinner, ate what I wanted and had a few alcoholic drinks. After all, recording an inaccurate diary would surely result in an inaccurate action plan?

After a long three days I submitted my information and eagerly awaited my feedback. I only just received my action plan the other day and met up with Rachael to go over exactly what I need to do to improve my chances of weight loss. Stay tuned, I am going to follow this up with a post on my action plan to share what I have learned!

Do you follow a diet plan?



6 thoughts on “Dietary analysis: Where am I going wrong?

  1. oh god this sounds scary… and like something i should probably do! Living in the countryside I reckon my inactive hours are going to be ridiculously high… *gulp*

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