My current favourite workouts


As a fitness class addict I am constantly asking people “What’s your favourite workout?” and getting embarrassingly overenthusiastic during the conversation which follows. I can’t help it; I know very few people who are as interested in working out as much as I am, so when I end up chatting with someone who happens to mention they hit the gym, I am all over them like a rash. So in the hope that you are as nosy as me, I have put together a little round up of my current favourite workouts!


This came on the scene about a year ago and I was terrified to try it. I was just getting into lifting weights at that point so the thought of cardio just didn’t inspire me. I tried it once and hated it so I wrote it off. I continually put it on my ‘must do’ lists but whilst training for my half marathon I really was so gubbed I just gave up on it. Post half-marathon I realised I was I a bit of a rut doing the same weight lifting classes 3-4 times a week so just went to a Metafit class out of boredom. Amazingly, my fitness levels had increased dramatically during training for the half and as a result I found the 30 minute workout an absolute breath of fresh air.

The main bulk of the exercise takes place over approximately 20 minutes, and involves high intensity body weight training which promises to boost your metabolism for up to 24 hours meaning more calories are burned even after the workout. You can expect what I imagine army boot camps look like; lots of people on the ground doing push ups, then up in the air doing burpees, mixed in with a barrage of other moves like the plank, squats, bunny hops, ski jumps, the list goes on!

I could babble on about this class for hours but I’ll shut up and let you mull it over. Highly recommended if you struggle to push yourself in the gym or need quick workouts due to time restrictions.


I mentioned I took part in a half hour spin class in my last week in fitness post. Since then i have done another 60 minute class after much deliberation! I really did find it hard, but it has sort of rekindled my love for fitness. I find it quite humbling to walk into a fitness class and be the one who hasn’t been before, or doesn’t quite know how to work the machines. After all, the gyms shouldn’t be filled with pros but instead welcoming everyone to come and have a go at getting active. It reminded me how much fun it is to try something new, with different routines and music to keep my brain active as well as my muscles.


I have never really given much thought to a specific gym routine, as I find booking and attending classes a much more rigid way of motivating myself to exercise. I also enjoy interacting with other people and instructors so kind just brushed off the gym as an ’emergency only’ type option. However, recently I have been trying to squeeze in some workouts to target specific body parts as most classes have a ‘total body’ approach. I like to focus on my shoulders, biceps and triceps by doing a lot of dumbbell work as well as press ups and dips. Finish off with a little cardio and this makes a nice weekly session for me. I have also found that as a result I have easily increased the weights I lift in Body Pump during the bicep and shoulder tracks, which I don’t think I would have been able to do by just attending the class alone due to the amount of repetitions we do. Result!

Hope this has given you some inspiration to maybe try something new!

What are your current favourite workouts?

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