Get motivated now!

b9cd575098a56568055020abfd64b18cAre you currently in your third hour of watching YouTube videos? Eating cereal out of the box with your grubby hands? Have you been planning your trip to the gym or your long run for  a few weeks now with no sign of it actually happening? Here are my tips for getting motivated, now:

Right a list of the goals you want to achieve and stick them on the wall or fridge; somewhere you’ll see them everyday. For example, Stop eating junk food, Go to a spin class once a week and Lose 1 pound a week. Or even better, post them on your blog so everyone can see. Check out my goals for a little inspiration and post your links in the comments for me to see!

Sign up for an event. Be it running, Tough Mudder or a charity fitness event. I promise you nothing will motivate you in the long term better than the fear of not being able to complete a challenge for which people have actually sponsored you money! I trained for a half marathon in six months, and I can guarantee if I hadn’t had that event booked I wouldn’t have ran a single mile.

Challenge yourself. Try out a challenge on Tribe Sports if you need something to keep you motivated for a set amount of time. This easy to use site is a community full of users all trying out different ‘challenges’ and chatting about their progress. You can try anything from a one minute plank to a 30 day squat challenge. Get signed up for a time frame that you know you will complete without skipping a day, and watch the results! You won’t even need to leave the house!

Its never too late. Even if you are reading this at 11pm at night, it’s not to late to change your day into a productive one. Have you eaten junk food all day? Spend an hour spring cleaning your kitchen cupboards and getting rid of all those foods that lead you into temptation. Throw them out or hide them away ready for a fresh start tomorrow and plan out what healthy breakfast you are going to enjoy. Before you go to bed do a little workout; try 10 squats, 10 jumping jacks, 10 burpees repeated 3 times. You’ll feel amazing, ready for bed and of course a healthy day tomorrow.

Right now. Stop refreshing your Facebook, jump in the shower, go for a walk, turn your phone on silent, put your headphones in and go burn some calories. No one ever regretted a workout.

5 thoughts on “Get motivated now!

  1. I recently signed up for 10k and have only managed 2 (very small) runs since, each day I say ‘oh I’ll go tomorrow’ but as they say tomorrow never comes! This has really made me think that I can always make time for fitness, I just choose to do other things! Thank you x

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