Health on the high street: Pret A Manger

Committing to a healthy lifestyle is hard, in fact near impossible when you look at what constitutes a convenience food nowadays. Burgers and hot dogs stuffed into pizza crusts? Give us a break! I’m always eating on the go, but I always try to find the best possible choice when I am stuck for something ‘clean’. Inevitability I fall of the wagon regularly, but not as much as you might think. In this ‘Health on the high stree’ series I’m going to share with you the places I visit when I’m in the city, and let you know what I order to stay on track whilst eating on the go. First up,  Pret A Manger.


The thing I love about Pret is their dedication to producing good salads. I have never gone into one of their stores and thought about ordering a sandwich, because the offering is always so good. Not only that, but they always have salads on the shelf. Any time of day I’ve gone in, there is at least one available. They have also started offering handy little pots of protein, like the Egg & Spinach Pot. This is an amazing post work out snack or an easy breakfast. I’m in love!

My favourite salad is the Crayfish & Avocado No Bread or the Tuna Nicoise Salad. Both equally delicious and come with dressing on the side, which not only keeps the leaves fresh but allows you to save calories by ditching it altogether,

For a cheeky snack I like the Rock Salt Popcorn or the Coconut Pot. It is genuinely hard to find portions of coconut so I’m glad Pret have cottoned on to this trend. They have also started producing their own Coconut Water which is a great alternative to the mainly sugary sodas and fruit juices they have on offer.


Things to look out for: Miso soup soup contains sugar,the Thai Chicken Curry Soup has wheat flour, and the Vegetable Crisps have more or less the same calories as the potato chips. The cake selection is amazing, but with such a wide range of fresh fruit available there really is no excuse for straying from the healthy eating plan!

Where are your favourite healthy places to eat?

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