Post workout food inspiration

If you’ve ever come to an empty fridge after a killer workout you will understand the importance of being prepared when it comes to post workout snacking. I tend to time my workouts just before meal times, so my ‘snack’ normally morphs into a gigantic meal for one! I am a firm believer in eating protein and fat after a workout. I’m in no way qualified to say if that’s correct or not, but since doing this combined with weight training I have certainly gained more lean muscle, which is great.

Here are few things to get you inspired………..


Smoked salmon can be expensive, but it adds a little something to a mid morning breakfast that just plain old eggs can’t quite muster up on their own. I also like to make a raspberry and banana smoothie sometimes, and may or may not add protein powder. With this dish I think the eggs and salmon is enough for my wee body to handle!


I love this combination when I have little or no time to cook. I can just bung the asparagus and egg both in a pan and rush about getting dressed while they sizzle away for a few minutes. I like the yolk soft and seasoned with a little salt, and would wolf this down in about thirty seconds.


When I’m really prepared, I like to boil about 6 eggs and have them peeled and waiting in the fridge for easy post work out snacking. Combined with half and avocado and some cottage cheese I like to mush it all together and sprinkle with salt. Although I have mainly given up dairy sometimes I get bored and pick up something different in the supermarket. This cottage cheese was tasty and didn’t cause me as many problems as fresh milk normally does. If your colleagues don’t mind the smell of eggs this is also a great one for lunch boxes.

What are your favourite post work out foods?

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