Today’s Top 3

1453670_10153453424780338_223329668_o(1)Its been rather cold here in Scotland so I’ve been locked inside snuggling up with the TV and a hot cuppa this weekend. Also, been enjoying these treats:

Co-op Fairtrade Dark Chocolate with Orange: I am a firm believer in a little bit of what you fancy does you good. I love dark chocolate to feed my sugar cravings on occasion, but I simply can’t buy the oversized bars without eating the whole thing in one go! So the Co-operative supermarket is my lifesaver. They are the only shop I know that sell small bars of really, really tasty dark chocolate. Love it.

Yankee Candle Salted Caramel: If you like Yankee candles and haven’t tried the wax tartlet range I would suggest you give it ago. I dont use the candles anymore unless I am given them as gifts, because the scent pay off from these little wax pots is just amazing. Salted caramel has me dreaming of sticky toffee pudding or freshly baked chewy cookies.

Yankee Candle Red Velvet: Sticking with the foodie theme, red velvet is based on the famous range of American cupcakes. This isn’t to sickly sweet, just a tempting blend of vanilla butter cream and berries.

What are you snuggling up with this weekend?


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