Today’s Top 3

1422751_10153435218050338_976344704_nI’ve been clearing out my kitchen cupboards and thought I’d share with you my three favourite products at the moment.

Slimatee – This is not for everyone, and its certainly not going to help you lose weight. It is however a very effective aid in flushing out your system and reducing bloatedness. You are to drink this at night time and normally in the morning you are ‘ready’ to go, so to speak! I actually like the taste too so its a winner!

Mixed seeds – I have been trying to cut down on my cashew nut addiction (one nut at a time) so seeds are a good substitute. They aren’t as tasty as nuts so I don’t eat as many, and they are handy to sprinkle over soups and salads for a dose of healthy fats and add a crunchy dimension to whatever I’m munching.

Tabasco sauce – I don’t know when or why I bought this, because I hate spicy things in my food! Recently however, I’ve been sneaking a cheeky wee dash of this into practically everything I make. I assumed it was full of sugar but from what I can tell it is just made of vinegar, salt and pepper. It honestly isn’t even that spicy and just adds a wee kick to whatever you are cooking up for dinner. Fabulous!


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