my week in food pics



Totally addicted to eggs again.

In particularly I love to boil a whole pack of eggs and have them peeled and sitting in the fridge ready to add to salads or just eat on the go as a snack. This one was just a wee salad I had for lunch. I had already prepared the chopped veggies and stored them in a tupperware tub in the fridge too so it was super quick to put together. So tasty and filling too.






1390908_10153367969095338_376502868_o   I got inspired when I saw a recipe for turnip fries, so tried to make them myself. They do take quite a while to cook in the oven, but when they are ready they are delicious. I’d say they go crispier than sweet potato fries and also take less prep work that butternut squash, so I probably will make them again at some point. I have turnips growing in the garden so I need to get digging them up so some dinners!








1413026_10153381572790338_973132483_o  Thought I better start sharing some of my cheat meals, although this isn’t even that bad. I went off dairy for a long time so technically I shouldn’t be having yoghurt. After experimenting a bit I have found that its fresh milk that seems to give me the most trouble. It makes me very bloated, very quickly. Yoghurt isn’t so bad, so I have been having it now and again. I don’t buy it but when I’m at my parent’s house I have been having it so maybe twice a week at the very most. This was low fat greek yoghurt with a little berry compote and a banana. Totally worth it.







1419593_10153391409415338_310956753_o  I just instagramed this earlier today, I had it for lunch. We had a party at the weekend where I had lots of unhealthy snacks as well as stuffing my face with ‘hangover cures’ the next day in the form of bacon rolls and burgers. So basically today my body was craving vegetables! I made this wee stirfry with some frozen salmon but the fillet wasn’t very big so I supplemented it with two scrambled eggs! Classy, I know. Anyway it tasted delicious!

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