Glasgow half marathon!


I have finally recovered to be able to type a short post about my first ever half marathon experience yesterday in Glasgow.

The weather was beautiful when I got up, and it stated dry for most of the morning. I had a small breakfast and then scoffed a banana just before we started. I was extremely nervous, I’m not sure what about really, but I was in two minds about whether I was looking forward to it or not!

The first few miles were hard. I ran too fast and was obsessively observing everyone else’s speed and wondering how many people were behind me, if any?! After 5 miles I settled into a good pace, and needed to drink water at every station. I kept my sugar levels up with jelly babies (a runner’s staple) and went without music in my ears until the ninth mile. I got soaked with rain but it cleared up eventually, although sadly the sun never reappeared for me.

Miles 9-13 were tough. I had done a 10 miler about three weeks ago and i felt sick for most of it. I was happy to leave the last 3 miles to fate and adrenaline on the day, but with hindsight I could’ve benefitted from the experience. I struggled through by rewarding myself with walking recovery breaks in between every mile for the last three miles and I don’t see that as a failure. Running alone was definitely hard, but I think running along with someone else might have been harder if we weren’t suited in pace.

Anyway, that was my experience. I’m really proud of myself but it was tough. Really tough, but I would recommend anyone to do it if they can dedicate the time to train properly. Will I do another one? Watch this space…..

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