New injuries


I’ve been out of action since Monday due to a muscle spasm in my trapezius, pictured above! The most frustrating thing is that I don’t even know how I hurt myself. I felt a twinge on Monday night and the pain got worse on Tuesday, Wednesday and then on Thursday morning I passed out whilst trying to get ready for a doctors appointment. My poor boyfriend was there to witness the whole thing and I was very disorientated when I began to come around. I was breathless and sweating all over, so he phoned an ambulance.

I ended up in hospital for a few hours as my blood pressure was very low for a few hours, and finally the doctor had a look at my upper back and explained the aforementioned spasm. After days of excruciating pain I was just glad to have someone tell me what was wrong.


The doctors kindly provided some nice strong painkillers (not to mention the best cuppa ever and a cheese sandwich) and sent me on my way. Since then I’ve been recovering in bed, secretly hoping that I would be fit enough to run the Paisley 10k I have signed up for on Sunday. I know, I know, its totally mad to even consider running so early after an injury, but I guess this is what runners do. I have admitted defeat and know that the most important thing is to get well for the half marathon in October (only 6 weeks to go!).

So I’ve been out of the game for a week now, and hopefully will be back on form soon. I am terrified to even look at my August fitness goals because I don’t think I’ve reached even one of them! Trying to stay positive but its hard ūüė¶

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