My week in food pics

1093349_10153132738685338_1162305561_o I was pleasantly surprised to read the ingredients list on these sauces (no added sugar, colours, preservatives or thickeners like flour or starch) so really felt obliged to give them a go. At £2.39 each they were a little more expensive than I would like but not so highly priced that I could afford to try them out. I personally preferred the bolognese sauce as the arrabiata was tad to spicy for me. I’m normally happy to make up my own tomato sauces but even the best of us get lazy at times, so I’d highly recommend these as a storecupboard standby.

1171427_10153132829905338_1467764064_o  I’ve bee trying to curb my protein pancake addiction so I have been getting a little more creative in the fruit salad department. Here I used whatever fruits I could find and made a raspberry sauce by blending up some frozen raspberries with almond milk. I topped it off with some frozen fruit and cashew nuts. I must admit the presentation really made it more enjoyable, so sad!

1092633_10153138924360338_1958681513_o  I got this nifty idea from the Whole 30 instagram. All you do is scramble a couple of eggs with some almond milk and seasoning, and cook them in a hot pan to make a sort of omelette which is shaped like a very thin pancake. I also added some smoked paprika and cumin to take away the strong egg flavour. Then simply choose your filling! I went for canned tuna in some olive oil, salt, pepper and a little mustard and topped it off with some cucumber. I then wrapped it up and had a mighty find breakfast!

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