Favourite Tipples…



I am really getting to love this unsweetened almond milk. It is available in the supermarket for around £2-3 which I find very reasonable considering I don’t use it in huge quantities. Its perfect for me as I mostly avoid dairy (you can read more about that here) but still need a milk substitute for home baking and to add to porridge and smoothies from time to time. I have attempted to drink a glass as a drink but it was just a little to ‘nutty’ flavoured for my liking. I love to use it in protein shakes because it feels like a real treat even though its pretty low in calories!


I tried a cheaper brand of coconut water about a year ago and thought it was truly disgusting, but this Vita Coco has totally won me over. If I could afford to drink this all day I would, but its just a little to expensive for that! Apparently its the best way to hydrate after sport, even more hydrating that plain old water. I like to splash out on a carton when all my friends are drinking alcohol and I’m on the wagon. I find its best served chilled with plenty of ice. I hear the pineapple flavour variety is delicious too.

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