My week in food pics

1084388_10153065355140338_1809921848_o  This week I have been fighting my sugar cravings as per usual. I have been finding I am really hungry between breakfast and lunch, especially when I am at work. I have tried to combat this by eating an extraordinarily large meal at breakfast! So most mornings have been accompanied by a protein smoothie like this one. I pretty much stick to the same recipe every time; one scoop of strawberry & cream protein powder, frozen raspberries, one banana and some iced water. I think this one had some fresh strawberries in it too cause I had a bunch that needed using. It was delicious and actually fuelled a 6 mile run!

1083801_10153058364465338_976339644_o  Another sneak peak into my breakfast menu! It really is the best meal of the day don’t you think? This one is pretty self-explanatory as you can see; eggs and salami. If I remember correctly I had some cashew nuts as well to get my dose of healthy fats.

1092002_10153058375225338_203554851_o  I was kindly sent some of these raw superfood truffles to sample for a website I write for so keep checking there for a more detailed review. It really is impossible to find new ‘clean’ treats which are ready to eat off the shelf, but these ones tick a lot of the right boxes. They are a combination of dried fruits, raw cacao and nuts and are really quite indulgent. I wish they were available in Scotland but I think I have to buy them online to get my next fix!

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