Inside my kitchen…


I was cleaning up my kitchen the other day when I realised how much time I spend in there. Eating clean requires a lot of preparation and home cooking, so I can often be found putting away groceries, chopping up veggies for salads, whizzing up smoothies or making full blown roast dinners with greens and pancakes for dessert! For some reason we always use our back door as our front door (is this a Scottish thing? It didn’t seem weird until I just wrote it down…) and this leads directly into the kitchen. So basically, my kitchen is my hallway and needs to be spotless for any impromptu visitors.


Its a pretty small kitchen, although thankfully has been recently fitted so it all more or less brand new. I don’t have much space to display nice tins and crockery (I dream of a French country kitchen!) so I find it quite hard to incorporate accessories and introduce colour. I’ve tried to kill two birds with one stone by creating some colourful DIY storage (above) by painting a found wooden crate a nice sage green colour. I used this from Wilkinson’s and found it worked pretty well. A few weeks later I was given this floral tea towel as a gift and thought it worked as a nice lining for the box. It comes it really handy for clearing up junk on my surfaces!


My house is quite traditional but has some odd little quirks I’ve had to work with. Behind the cooker we have a splash back which I use to display this little canvas I made. I bought the fabric online to make a curtain (top picture) for this strange little gap we have in the kitchen which needs to be accessible because of the boiler. It actually makes a lovely little feature now, and I used the extra fabric to pull over the canvas.


Having some little added pleasures in the kitchen definitely makes me more willing to go in and start cooking. L’Occitane hand soap is a lovely luxury to have, and the sweet almond scent is nice to have in the kitchen. I also love a Yankee Candle! Safe to say I have about 8 different ones to choose from as well as votives and tartlets to add to the mix. This particular scent is quite masculine, I like to light it in the evening to chill out whilst I’m doing the washing up.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my kitchen!

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