My week in food pics

1062922_10153049448335338_962472937_o  This was one of my favourite meals of the week. I put it together at work (I work in a cafe/deli) and plated it up at home with some extras. It was a tasty combination of lettuce, grated carrot, peppers, cherry tomatoes, sunblushed tomatoes, leftover chicken and some brussels pate. I haven’t had pate in so long, and had a random craving when I saw it at work and chucked some in my bag at the last minute. I was so pleased I did! This fuelled my longest run to date so it must have been good!

1065443_10153038865210338_1466567303_oAs you can see I’m still feeling the summer salad vibes this week! This was a post workout meal which I really couldn’t face in one go. Normally I’m ravenous after exercise but for some reason I was feeling too tired to eat so I munched this in stages over a few hours. It was some steamed salmon with avocado, cherry tomatoes and a baby leaf salad with some extra spinach.

1084624_10153042670935338_690718355_oI can’t really justify writing any more posts about sausages but with this meal I tried out a new side dish using sweet potato. I had originally looked at a recipe for sweet potato gnocchi but to be honest they turned out more like potato croquettes! They were delicious all the same. All I did was bake some sweet potatoes, mash them up, mix in some almond flour and seasoning then make them into little patties to be baked in the oven.

1071244_10153032473655338_505672065_oAnd finally, I was craving something sweet last Sunday and came up with this. Not really a brownie, but more of a chocolate sponge. Totally sugar, wheat and gluten free it was pretty easy to make but I did end up munching the lot in a very short space of time! I mixed 100g almond flour with 50g grated chocolate, 1 egg, pinch of baking powder and a tbsp of agave syrup then baked at 180C for about 20 mins. Delightful!

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