Stop eating in between meals…



Drink water. Sometimes I crave sugar when I’m just thirsty. Don’t fall into the trap of drinking lots of diet soda in between meals, its full of artificial sweeteners and makes you bloated. It is also linked to increased appetite. Water is king.

Paint your nails. This job, when done properly, should take about an hour. Be sure to file, buff, apply cuticle oil, one base coat, two coats of colour and a base coat. With wet nails it is significantly harder to raid the biscuit tin!

Eat bigger meals. If you feel genuinely hungry in between meals then chances are you haven’t eaten enough for your previous meal. Increase vegetable content first, and see if you feel more satisfied. 

Test your hunger. When you feel peckish at 8.30pm ask yourself; could I eat a chicken salad right now? If the answer is no, you’re probably just bored and craving sugar. If you couldn’t face a healthy well-balanced meal, you’re body probably doesn’t require the extra calories. Digestive biscuits are of no nutritional benefit to you!

Love tea. There is only so much coffee one person can drink to pass the time, but no one ever drank to much tea! Get acquainted with the vast variety of teas out there, from refreshing peppermint to relaxing chamomile, there is a cup for every occasion. I like to have a variety on hand to choose, I especially enjoy a cup of chai when I’m craving something sweet.

Have a bath. Re-organise your wardrobe. Call a friend. Vacuum the entire house. Go for a walk. Even better, go for a run!

What are your top tips for avoiding snacks in between meals?




4 thoughts on “Stop eating in between meals…

  1. Great tips. This is what I struggle with and although I know it all deep down it’s good to see them in print. Thanks! (btw as someone newly interested in fitness/healthy living – really enjoy your blog!)

    1. Haha I know, these tips are certainly not winning any prizes for originality, but sometimes it helps just to write things out to make them sink in. Maybe I should list ‘write a blog’ as another good distraction 😉

  2. I’ll be honest, I clicked this post because of the picture of the yummy digestives, but these are some pretty good tips, I spend most of my waking hours in an office, so I might also try going for short walks when I start craving biscuits.

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