My week in food pics

1020816_10153031814910338_2109297521_o  We’ve definitely been feeling the BBQ vibes in Scotland over the past few weeks, so our fridge is full of leftover items which I have been using up for dinner.  Tonight I had one burger and two sausages. You have no idea how much will power it took only to cook two sausages out of a pack of seven! Anyway, the boy was happy I had left the rest for him to scoff. I had a beautifully ripe beef tomato which was just asking to be eaten and I added plenty of healthy greens in the form of steamed spinach and green beans.

1070730_10153015009625338_162794701_o  I am totally falling in love with salmon again, the only thing putting me off is the price. I am pretty greedy so normally need two of the measly wee fillets the supermarket offers these days and that can set be back about £4 so I try to catch them on the reduced shelf. I did these in the microwave with plenty of chilli and garlic then served it with a mixture of steamed vegetables and a handful of cashews. Such a quick dinner, and reasonably cheap as I got the salmon for about £2.70 if I remember correctly. I like to take a break from red meat and eat fresh fish now and again, it always makes me feel so healthy!

1066387_10153010467180338_1201966272_o  I’m having a worrying obsession with sausages these days, I think we are eating them at least twice a week because we are so sick of eating chicken. I had been having sugar cravings throughout the day so I made sure to make a nice batch of sweet potato to fill me up as well as satisfy my carb cravings! I’m always surprised how filling sweet potato is and that it is considered 100% clean, paleo and Whole 30 approved. It really is the perfect carbohydrate. I added some token greens in the form of cucumber, not a great effort I admit but we all have off days. Did I mention I also ate 3 ice creams this week? So much for giving up dairy!

2 thoughts on “My week in food pics

  1. Hmm I like Salmon too. Do you have Aldi in Scotland? The Salmon from there is really good and reasonably priced.

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