Summer Snackin’

566755_10153027992735338_939596077_oSummer in Scotland is usually a dreich affair but we’ve recently been treated to a spectacular month of sunshine which has meant BBQs are a regular occurrence! Not only that, but people are offering to take me out for ice cream or cider in the sun at the drop of a hat. Eating healthily in this scenario is tough. I’m often looked upon as the party pooper who eats the burger but not the bun, the saddo without a cone on the beach and definitely judged for not downing flavoured cider to rehydrate!

I’ve been seeking solace in my favourite snacks, so I always have something to nibble on when everyone else is getting into the mood with their chosen treats. I’ve been enjoying cashew nuts for a few months now, ever since I completed my first Whole 30 in fact. Now I like to switch it up with some pistachios for good measure. Calorific in all the right ways, nuts are my go to snack that help curb hunger and provide a dose of healthy fat.


1071025_10153027987095338_859985223_oStrawberries. Scottish strawberries. I’ve swapped my usual blueberries for these because they are cheaper and so in season right now. I always forget how juicy these are and every summer I rekindle my love for chomping on these in front of the telly at night!


Great for adding to salads, chicken dishes or enjoying on their own, I have been picking at olives when we have people over to socialise. Ideal for me because no one thinks they are a ‘healthy eating’ or ‘diet’ food so I don’t get funny looks for eating them at parties. I think I’d get a different reaction if I was eating hard boiled eggs around people 😉

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