My week in food pics


1020803_10152996482360338_1658372643_oAaahhhh I love me some healthy pancakes. I have been trying really hard to curb my ongoing sugar addiction so when I crave something sweet I go to my favourite pancake recipe which you can view here.

These ones were a late breakfast during the week when I’d been craving them from the day before but I didn’t have any ripe bananas on hand. If you ever see those discounted bashed, black bananas in the bargain basket I urge you to pick them up and make these! They are the perfect balance of sweet, dense, slightly fluffy pancake goodness with 100% pleasure and zero guilt.


1065734_10152984867235338_220873638_oThese days I am getting a little to fond of red meat (sausages in particular, I know, I know its terrible!) so I’m trying to opt for fish a couple of times a week. My boyfriend hates the smell of fish in the house so I bought some cooked frozen king prawns which I can leave out to defrost the night before and they don’t give off a bad smell. These ones I marinated in olive oil, garlic, chilli and fresh coriander for a few hours before heating in a pan. Served with lots of salad or stir fried vegetables, this is fast becoming my favourite summer supper.

1070810_10152992162040338_931431682_o  It wouldn’t be a snapshot into my week of food without some scrambled eggs! I think I eat about 10 eggs per week, can anyone advise if this is particularly bad for me? I’ve read that its not as bad as everyone once thought, and I absolutely love them so find it hard to cut down. This was my breakfast one day when I was off work and had slept in a bit. I woke up hungry but in a positive frame of mind for healthy eating so whipped up my usual eggs and managed to stomach a nice portion of steamed veg, something I aim to do with breakfast everyday but I find particularly tricky.

I’m feeling good about most of my food choices this week, I’m aiming for paleo 90% of the time. I can’t stick to it 100% and I don’t have too much weight to lose so I’m hoping this will be a more sustainable way of eating.

What are your thoughts?

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