Running in the summer heat



OH MY! What a glorious day it is in Scotland. Its set to be real summer weather all week so I’ve been looking forward to slotting in some nice wee runs with nice scenery and no fear of being ‘rained off’. I woke up late today – about 10am -and wanted to hydrate before going for a short tempo run. I had a cup of tea and watched some telly, but as I am fasting today I decided to wait and have breakfast post run.

I got changed into my gear and realised my phone was low on charge so postponed for a half hour or so to make sure it had enough juice to fuel my music as well as my much loved Nike running app. Seriously, to me a run without this app is just a waste of time as I have no stats to look at during and afterwards. By the time my phone had crept up to 50% I was ready to go but realised it was now 12.30pm when the sun is at its peak, but I wasn’t staying home! So off I plodded to test out my new Nike shorts in the Scottish sunshine.

The first ten minutes were a pleasure. Having the air at my legs for the first time was a really nice feeling, cooling and freeing as well as a little eye-catching for the elderly residents of my street! I felt light as air, bobbing and bouncing along the warm concrete whilst Regina Spektor pulsated in my ears. After the first mile, the app told me my pace was 10.20 which is way faster than my regular pace (11.35) especially for the warm up mile. Hmm, I could sense trouble already.

After 15 mins I tackled a hill and walked at the top. Half way mark, time to turn back. Normally the second half of my run is the most enjoyable; I’m on the home straight! I’m going to finish this! This is easy! In the now blinding glare of the sun, I flailed and flopped along for another 5 mins then did the old walk, run, walk, run combo, ashamed to my core. I pride myself on never walking during a run, instead just pulling my pace right back to basics. My compromise today was to never walk in front of another runner, of which there were a few on my route. By the time I struggled back to base the temperature was 24c and I was officially frazzled. After a cold shower and a late breakfast of scrambled eggs I’m starting to feel normal but I’m not planning on running in the sun anytime soon!


How do you cope running in the heat?



7 thoughts on “Running in the summer heat

  1. I went out for a run in the sunshine yesterday, I thought it would be good to test run my new running vest. 40 minutes later I got home, complete with sunburn, the vest was ok though!

      1. Me too, It was my own fault, I was out at midday with no sunscreen and a running vest on. It was great though.

  2. First of all; I’m loving your blog! It’s so inspiring.

    I only started running a few months ago and I’ve been wondering how people run during hot summer days as well. So far my only solution is… Not running. It’s just torture. I’ve even been known to run at 7am on a Saturday to avoid any type of heat…

    1. I know right?! It’s disheartening because I find my performance is much worse in the heat. I ran at 9.30pm a few nights ago and it was a pleasure! Have you got a target in mind or are you just running for fun? Thanks so much for your comment xxx

      1. Well, my first target was just to be able to run for 30 minutes. I’ve gotten there and now I’m just trying to run “for fun” and get my speed up a bit. Next step might be a 10k but I’m kind of dreading it… (I’m so not competitive.)

        Also I’m so happy that you wrote in one of your posts that you never stop when running and so when you get tired you just run slower. That’s what I do as well!

      2. I would definitely recommend a 10k, its not about being competitive, it just gives you an attainable target to work towards!

        I must admit I had to walk a little on my 7 mile run, but that was a mistake! Starting to run afterwards felt tricky….

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