A nice hot cuppa…


Although summer is here, there is still something about a nice hot cuppa that I find strangely refreshing. I’ve never really been a milky tea lover, and since going dairy free I’ve certainly learned to explore the more exotic world of tea! The lovely people at Dragonfly Teas sent me a wondrous stash of every tea under the sun, and I haven’t been disappointed as I make my way through them. I am well aware I sound like a textbook hippy when I say there really is a tea to suit every mood!

My current evening tipple is Rooibos, also known as Redbush. Its full of anti-oxidants and naturally caffeine free which makes it perfect just before bed. As I’m currently experimenting with intermittent fasting I find this a helpful appetite suppressant in the dreaded time between dinner and bedtime!

I’ve just sampled this variation on Rooibos called Cape Malay Rooibos Chai which is out of this world! If you’ve never tried chai I strongly recommend you give it a go. It is the standard thirst quencher in India and with this unique blend of spices I can see why. This is my new favourite when I crave something sweet, as the fragrant nature is reminiscent of a cinnamon spiced dessert.

And who could live without coffee? I know I struggle to get to noon without it. However, one cup a day is about my limit, and after years of working in coffee shops I have become somewhat of a snob when it comes to the at-home instant variety. Kenco’s Millicano however, is in a league of its own. I can safely say I saved a few pounds on Starbucks and Costa trips thanks to this lifesaver. It provides an almost barista worthy crema and is the smoothest black instant coffee known to man. Fact.

How do you enjoy a cuppa?

2 thoughts on “A nice hot cuppa…

  1. In this heat (40 degrees), I don’t have tea. It’s just too hot! I’ve been thinking about trying to make iced tea, but who knows how that’ll go! Otherwise, I’m all about green teas, and I really like oolongs as well.

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