I’ve had one huge problem in the past few weeks; procrastination.

It has taken over my brain in the most overwhelming manner, so much so that I’ve talked myself out of running about five or six times. Instead, my hobbies have been watching box-sets, eating chocolate, ice cream and cookies whilst feebly fitting in the odd ab workout before bed. What a shameful few weeks these have been. I’ve totally given into my food cravings, although I have still been fasting at least two days per week. I’ve slept in wherever possible and let the dirty washing pile up embarrassingly high.

Last night, after a day of fasting I managed to pull a long slow distance run out of the bag (see time and distance below). I couldn’t believe it myself to be honest, trotting along at the 35 minute mark (the point where I pass my front door and have to choose to run past it to continue) thinking, ‘Hey, I’m actually going to do this long run I’ve been moaning about for 2 weeks!’. The last few minutes were an uphill struggle but at that point there was no turning back, and the beautiful weather and scenery definitely helped. As a result I went to bed feeling much more positive, I woke up today and had a healthy breakfast and lunch, and am currently dreaming of my chicken and avocado salad which I have planned for dinner. You know you’ve had too much sugar when you start to crave green vegetables over everything else in the supermarket.

So I guess my conclusion is that my mental strength has definitely weakened as my diet has worsened, so I need to keep that in check from now on. However, procrastination hasn’t got the better of me yet. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been a bit like that too recently, I was going to run tonight but I’ve decided to do some strength training instead. Once I’ve had this coffee!

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