June Favourites



Hey guys, think I can just about squeeze in a favourites post before July takes over! This month I’ve been loving skincare, as I often stick to the same boring make up routine. When I’m not at work I tend to go make up free, so I’m much happier to do this when my skin is in tip-top condition. I’ve been allowing myself a lot of sugar and gluten over the past few weeks, which hasn’t done my skin any favours, but that’s another story….

Cocoa Butter Concentrated Cream: I was looking for a new hand cream to replace my L’Occitaine number, so was willing to spend a fair amount on a high end brand, but when I saw this on offer for under £2 I thought it was worth a shot even if it ended up being terrible. It smells as you would expect; the delicious Palmer’s chocolatey cocoa scent which lingers for ages. The consistency is so luxurious that you only need a spot and it will cover both hands like a dream. I like to spend time working this into my hands and nails before using it on my feet too. A real bargain an a top quality product.

Body Shop Sweet Lemon Beautifying Oil: I purchased this on a whim after deciding my oily skin needed some oil based products to sort it out. This is a multi-purpose gem which smells citrus sweet and doesn’t go on too greasy. Designed for hair, body and ideal for shaving your legs there is no good reason you shouldn’t own this. The perfumed scent made me wary of using it on my face, but the label recommended it so I gave it a go and wasn’t disappointed. I’ve been applying it at night and seen a visible reduction in spots and scarring. Its also available is different scents.

Philosophy Pure Grace: This has been my go-to fragrance and I’m sure it will remain so for the rest of the summer. It encapsulates the idea of ‘soap and water’ clean, portraying images of fluffy towels and freshly washed laundry. Slightly sweet but mostly fresh and citrus, this for me is the perfect post-run scent to layer on after a refreshingly cool shower.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream: I’ve had this cream for a year or so but not used it regularly, but have been making up for lost time this month. Instead of caking on concealer just to go to the shops I’ve been using a small amount of this under my eyes before applying a thin layer of foundation. It helps brighten the eye area as well as plump skin by adding moisture.

Have you tried any of this month’s favourites?

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