Fast Day Dinners



I’ve been sticking to the 5:2 plan again this week so thought I’d share with you a couple of my favourite dinner options.

First up, salmon. Its not my usual choice on a fast day because it is surprisingly high in calories. I carefully weighed out a small portion for this meal to make sure I wasn’t over my calorie target of 500 per day. I basically had to skip having any sort of carb dense vegetables to allow me the salmon but to be honest it was worth it. Protein fills me up better than carbs without that awful stuffed feeling that comes with pasta and potatoes. I went with:

120g salmon, half a courgette and half a red pepper steamed in one dish in the microwave. Seasoned with herbs and salt.

Calories: 235

My other go to meal this week has been tuna salad. I work in a deli where we serve up fresh salads and sandwiches to order, so its a great place for me to eat healthily. Before I finished up one day I prepared myself a salad to take home for dinner, which was amazing because I didn’t have to cook. The only addition was I made my own tuna mayo to make sure I could control exactly how much mayonnaise was in the dressing. The ingredients list was:

Lettuce, grated carrot, mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes, tuna and Hellman’s Salad Mayo

Calories: 196

My advice to anyone starting this diet would be to make sure you are prepared on a fast day. If you come home with nothing ready for dinner you will probably get hungry and ruin it all my phoning a takeaway or making a bowl of pasta. The good thing is that 500 calories isn’t very much food, so dinner shouldn’t take much preparation! I’ve heard some people eat microwave meals on a fast day but I personally would avoid that. The sugar and preservatives in ready-made meals will help fill you up initially, but make you hungry later on when the sugar high wears off. Steamed fish is a great quick dinner, so is scrambelled eggs or a ham omelette. Have something you will look forward to eating, and you’re more likely to stay on track.

What are you eating on fast days?


One thought on “Fast Day Dinners

  1. I so agree with your comment about sugar and preservatives. I’ve been wondering if there might be something in them that might even inhibit weight loss. I know everyone is different but 5-2 is all about mindful eating and I’ve noticed when I eat meals prepared with whole foods I feel better for it and feel slimmer the next day.

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