Speed Running… getting there slowly



My half-marathon training plan calls for one speed run per week, increasing in length by ten minutes each week. As a reasonably new runner, I find this incredibly hard. My sole concern when I go out is to maintain the ability to ‘keep running’ until the moment I reach my front door, so I definitely adopt the slow and steady approach. It keeps me focused and I have never had to stop and walk to recover, because I keep my pace easy from the start and gradually speed up after the halfway point. 

I did a 30 minute tempo run a few weeks ago but can’t seem to face adding on the extra ten minutes anytime soon. On that run my fastest mile was 10.52 which is just so depressing! I decided to attempt an even shorter run and see how fast I could go, knowing I could stop after the mile was done. The result was 10.02 and I managed to keep running for another 0.45 mile before I had to stop completely. After a few seconds walking I ran home, slowly!

Does anyone have advice for increasing speed? I feel like I’m getting nowhere 😦

9 thoughts on “Speed Running… getting there slowly

  1. Instead of adding 10 mins why not try 5? Why not focus on building your endurance for now? As this grows you could introduce some speed work? Do you cross train? That will help too. I think it’s all about building a solid foundation first.

    1. Yeah I guess 5 minutes seems more achievable. I do body pump twice a week but I read its better to do something that gets the heart rate up, I just really love lifting weights and find it hard to give it up!

      I’m just following a standard training plan and I suppose one size doesn’t fit all. Endurance it coming along ok so maybe I will focus on that from now on 🙂

  2. Well I am runner for 4 years now, and the only thing that helped me to get faster are intervals….check out how to do them at runnersworld.com….they are pretty hard but help a lot. Also, a strong core adds to a good running form and contributes to a better pace. Just keep it up and have fun while doing so….Good luck! 🙂

  3. Fiona . . . I love your blog. I struggle with increasing speed also. Since I started working on cross training to improve core strength, that has seemed to help some. I think patience is what we need most.

    1. Aw thanks Kim. Patience is a problem for me….! I’m trying not to think about speed, and hopefully it will happen naturally. Just have this fear I will finish the half marathon in the dark!

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